Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My short story Mucky is now up at Night Train:

"When I met him, he was thin and shifty and he did things to my body that no other man had contemplated. I called him the Mucky Man, blushing a little to think where his tongue had been. No crevice on the body too dark and fetid for him. I fell in love with his persistent fingers." read the rest at Night Train.

I've fallen woefully behind in my online reading, though I'm still plowing through novels at a good pace. I'm back in school part-time, working, writing a novel and training to climb a mountain. Also in physical therapy to rehab a torn rotator cuff. As you might expect, I have no social life and am sometimes twitchy.


  1. Your story telling abilities have not twitched at all! Excellent. Congrats! Do take care of yourself, Yvette.

  2. Dorraine! Long time no see. I hope you've been able to finish your novel.

    Thanks for reading my story! I'm glad you liked it.

  3. I love this story everytime I read it!